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9 Tips to Connect with Your Inner Genius and Find Your Best Content Marketing Stories

Content MarketingIdeas, ideas, ideas. If you’re like most CEOs, entrepreneurs, and marketers, you have loads of ideas each day. I keep a notebook on my bedside table to write down ideas as they come to meat night or first thing in the morning.

With so many ideas in your head, it becomes difficult to discern which ideas are good enough to turn into the next compelling blog post that will wow your audience.

I recently came across a great article from Business 2 Community, which outlines some great ways to turn your ideas into great content marketing stories. The writer, Tea Silvestre, takes common techniques from fiction writers and poets and applies them to online content creation.

According to the article, it’s all about telling “interesting and compelling stories” coming from your own life. Think about it, if you can relate to the story, the chance is that so can your audience.

She says, “your meaningful experiences can perfectly illustrate — as metaphors — the importance of doing a particular thing, or in looking at something from a new angle.”

Check out the full details provided on “How to Connect with Your Inner Genius and Find Your Best Stories”, here.

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Be Ready. Get yourself a small notebook or add an app to your phone that will let you record yourself messages.
  2. Stimulate your visual cortex. Spend time every week doing image searches.
  3. Use mind maps. The more you practice capturing your non-linear thoughts on a subject, the more those thoughts will flow.
  4. Brainstorm within a theme. Your over-arching business story falls within one of seven types.
  5. Think about your firsts. Some of your most powerful memories are tied to those first times you experienced something.
  6. Mine your close relationships. Your best friends. Your romantic relationships. Your children.
  7. Give yourself random input. First start by stating the topic. (Write it at the top of a piece of paper, or create a new document and use that as your title.)
  8. Capture the details. Think about the five senses.
  9. Practice. The best advice for any type of writer is to apply your butt to the chair.

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